Liv Stone Aroma Diffuser
Liv Stone Aroma Diffuser
made by zen

Liv Stone Aroma Diffuser

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Perfect for times when life gets stressful, this compact Liv Stone Aroma Diffuser helps you achieve clarity and a calmer mind. The ideal desk companion, it can be plugged directly into your computer via a USB cable and brings wellness into your workspace or home office by dispensing clear, refreshed air and the mood-boosting benefits of essential oils. Liv releases a cool scented mist to fill the air with the benefits of aromatherapy for up to 4 hours.

Compact in size and conveniently USB operated, plug Liv into your laptop to instil calm, boost your mood or improve focus during your busy working day. In a cool pebble grey with an ambient halo of light, it’s a chic and stylish desk accessory. Use essential oils for a calming diffusion to improve your mental well-being whilst on-the-go.

Colour: Grey/stone 

Features: • Mini humidifier • Quiet operation • Aroma Diffuser: Can be used with ambient lighting or without light. • Comes with USB cable

Brand: Made by Zen 

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