WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents

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WXY essential oil blends are smell amazing, animal product free, uk made scents for oil diffusers & your home. 
Available in 5 scents:

breathe - eucalyptus + sage

We love it for: getting rid of the brain fog.

An invigorating blend to help relieve mental exhaustion, lift the spirits and boost mental clarity. Sage is traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of the menopause and depression. Eucalyptus can help with nasal congestion from colds and can also be useful for allergy sufferers as it reduces airborne pathogens as well as warding off insects.

deepen- lavender and patchouli

We love it for: setting a sleep ritual or a self-care day.

An anxiety-relieving blend that inspires a feeling of wellness and calm. Lavender and patchouli are said to promote relaxation, aid sleep, and reduce stress

rise - orange and lemongrass

Essential Oil 15ml : Up to 45 uses (5-10 drops per use)

We love it for: a spring cleaning day or during a workout.

A refreshing and rejuvenating blend to give you get up and go. Orange oil is said to enhance exercise performance as well as reducing anxiety and depression. Lemongrass is traditionally used as an anti-bacterial but is also thought to alleviate feelings of exhaustion. Both oils are unappealing to bugs and will help to get rid of musky odours.


immerse - white woods + vetiver

We love it for: post work-out wind down.

A blend to relieve stress, ease emotional trauma and promote a sense of protection. Vetiver and cedarwood can be used to help with insomnia and nervousness. Noted in ancient texts, cedar was believed to symbolise wisdom and to enhance a sense of spirituality

clean - cape lemon and citronella

We love it for: beating the Monday blues and getting some summer vibes.

A fatigue-fighting blend to help you feel energised and positive. Great for mamas to be, lemon is also said to ease morning sickness, while citronella is used to lift a low mood. Citronella is said to ward off some insects too, perfect for those summer evenings.

Each 15ml bottle: up to 45 uses (5-10 drops per use)

paraben free fragrance.

hand poured in the uk.

charity donation

WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents
WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents
WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents
WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents
WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents
WXY Blended Essential Oils - 5 scents

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