Scentsual Sparkling Gold Yuzu Incense Sticks

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Scentsual Sparkling Gold Yuzu is part of the Japanese incense range made by Nippon Kodo. Sparkling Gold Yuzu is a plant-based single fragrance incense made with quality ingredients and releases a fresh and juicy aroma.

Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit, a bit like an orange, that's grown in Japan. It's a good choice for a contemporary Japanese incense with a focus on natural ingredients and produces a positive and uplifting fragrance. It's sometimes described as being a bit like a fruity, zesty mix of orange and lemon.

Aromatic incense for your natural life. Made with meticulously selected plant-based fragrances found in nature. Immerse your refined senses in the abundant gifts of nature, indulge in the passing of time and let your body and mind slowly unwind.

Burn Time Per Stick: About 30 minutes

Stick Length: Approximately 12cm each

Country of Origin: The components are from Japan, and manufactured in Vietnam. 

0% colorant, 100% fragrance oil and recycled paper packaging.

Scentsual Sparkling Gold Yuzu Incense Sticks
Scentsual Sparkling Gold Yuzu Incense Sticks

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