Dried flower "field pink" medium bouquet. Featuring a mix of grasses, nigella, lavender and more.
Dried Flowers Medium Pink Bouquet
Dried Flowers Medium Pink Bouquet
wildflowers by Floriette

Dried Flowers Medium Pink Bouquet

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Medium Dried Flowers Spring Bouquet - Field Pink. 


Enrich your space with the beauty of dried flowers, carefully handcrafted and sustainably grown for a touch of eco-conscious elegance. Each piece is thoughtfully curated with love, resulting in a stunning composition that captures the essence of natural beauty. 

 Please note that dried flowers are natural and seasonal products, which may lead to variations in flower types and colours compared to the photo. Embrace the surprises that come with these ever-changing botanical wonders and add a touch of enchantment to any environment.


  • Made in Netherlands •
  • Dimensions: 50 x 0 x 50 cm 

Brand: Wildflowers By Floriette

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