Scented Room Diffuser

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Hand poured natural diffuser using only natural fragrance, oil base, glass bottle, 7 rattan reed sticks and recyclable unbleached cardboard packaging.
Available in three fragrances.
wild flower and rose 

Volume: 100ml | Dimensions: Ø 7cm x H 20cm | Fragrance lasts approximately 8-10 weeks

Directions for use:
Unscrew the decorative wooden cap from the bottle, remove the security plug and screw the wooden cap back. Insert the reeds into the open bottle and they will diffuse the fragrance around the room. To refresh the fragrance, carefully flip the reeds so that the wet ends are on top and reinsert reeds. Rotate the sticks at least once a week.

Scented Room Diffuser
Scented Room Diffuser
Scented Room Diffuser

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