Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'

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NAME - Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'

A hardy trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves and an electrifying colour variation on the standard Pothos. ‘Neon’ has lush neon-green foliage. An ability to help purify the air and to thrive in low light and humidity whilst withstanding neglect for long periods of time, pothos is the perfect plant for people too busy for houseplants.

ORIGIN - Australia, Indonesia, China, Japan and India.

SIZE - Plastic pot Size: W16cm x H10.5cm 

LIGHT - Bright indirect light.

WATER - Water once per week during the growing season April to Sept. Overwatering will cause the plant's roots to rot. Reduce watering slightly during the winter months

SAFETY - Toxic to cats and dogs if eaten.

FEED - Feed with liquid fertiliser once a month during April to Sept.

BUY PLANT POT PICTURED - Large Woven Basket Planter

DELIVERY - In an effort to protect your plant and give it the healthiest journey possible, we only dispatch plants on Monday’s & Tuesday’s. To prevent delays over the weekend, where your plant could be in a box too long. Any orders received after Tuesday will be shipped the following Monday.

*Please note the photograph is an example. Each plant is an individual living plant and there will be variations in size and colour.

Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'
Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'
Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'
Epipremnum Aureum Neon 'Golden Pothos'

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