Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese money plant'

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NAME - Pilea Peperomioides more commonly known as 'chinese money plant'.

Easy to grow with beautiful dark green leaves which blooms tiny red or white flowers during the summer. It can be easily propagated by stem cuttings and makes a perfect gift for fellow plant lovers .

ORIGIN - Southern China.

SIZE -  

Mini- Plastic pot Size: W7.5 x H5.5cm 

Medium -  Plastic pot Size: W11.5cm x H10cm

Large - Plastic pot size: W12cm  X H14cm ( bigger foliage)

LIGHT - Bright position, Direct sun can harm the fleshy leaves.

WATER - During active growth period between April to September, keep the compost evenly moist and allow to dry out between watering's. Make sure there is good drainage and that the roots never sit in water. Reduce watering in the winter months and keep away from draughts.

SAFETY - Non-toxic to pets 

FEED - Feed with liquid fertiliser every month during April to Sept

DELIVERY - In an effort to protect your plant and give it the healthiest journey possible, we only dispatch plants Monday’s & Tuesday’s. To prevent delays over the weekend, where your plant could be in a box too long. Any orders received after Tuesday will be shipped the following Monday.

*Please note the photograph is an example. Each plant is an individual living plant and there will be variations in size and colour. 

*This plant is classed as delicate, we take great care in packaging our plants but you might find some stem breakages when you open up your parcel. This does not affect the quality of the plant and they will soon grow back.

Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese money plant'
Pile Plant
Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese money plant'
Pilea peperomioides - From Victoria Shop
Pilea peperomioides - From Victoria Shop
Pilea peperomioides - From Victoria Shop
Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese money plant'

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