Watering glass globe

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Glass watering globe


Just fill these elegant glass stemmed globe with water and push it into your house plant's soil to give it a slow drink. Perfect for watering your plants if you're away for a short break, the flow can be further controlled by putting a small piece of sponge or cloth in the spout.

Easy to use and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. When the soil becomes dry it will release oxygen into the globe which then allows for water to drip down into the soil.


No suitable for cacti and succulents as they don't require as much water.

Available in three designs.

Size: height approx 26cm width approx 9cm 

Material: glass

Care: handwash with care

Glass Globe Self Watering System For Indoor Plants - Round, Pyramid and Diamond Shapes
watering globes look after your plants while you're on holiday
glass plant watering tubes in pyramid or diamond designs
diamond shape glass watering globe
Watering glass globe

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