Preserved Natural White Gypsophila

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Gypsophila stems that have been beautifully preserved and dried. They can be used in host of craft projects and floral arrangements. The details on these delicate leaves is incredible and give the plant a soft, airy touch. 

Preserved plants are 100% biodegradable. The natural sap of the plant is replaced with a preservative similar to sugar, to maintain the plants flexibility and natural freshness. 

Size: L 50cm Approx

Dried & Preserved flowers not only last for a lifetime and are absolutely beautiful, but much more importantly are a great sustainable option.

Care for dried flowers: Keep out of direct sunlight as this can cause the colours to fade and avoid water as moisture can make them wilt. Occasionally use a soft brush to remove any dust.

Care for preserved flowers: Keep away from sudden temperature changes and changes in humidity. Stems can react to these changes by sweating and they are not colourfast. So please keep away from surfaces where they could cause staining, chemicals used in the preserving process are non toxic but sometimes certain products can produce an odour.

-Please note that because of the nature of the product each piece may vary slightly in colour, size or stem. 

Preserved Natural White Gypsophila
Preserved Natural White Gypsophila
Preserved Natural White Gypsophila - From Victoria Shop