Patterned concrete candle - Tobacco & Patchouli

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These rough concrete vessels have an aztec etched handpainted finish. A Tobacco & patchouli fragrance and topped off with a bamboo lid.

3oz Soy wax candle

Re-purposing tip: When the last flicker of light has gone out recycle, reuse and rekindle the vessel. It is perfect for nurturing small plants or for storing everyday essentials and personal treasures. Go green in style!

Hand poured
Hand blended fragrances using natural essential oils and botanical extracts
Lead-free cotton wicks
Signature soy wax blend
Long burning
Post-consumer recycled packaging
Paddywax plays an active role in conserving the earth's resources and is a member of the Versus Carbon Neutral Partnership.
    light grey aztec pattern candle in pot that can be re-used
    tobacco and patchouli plant wax candle
    soy wax candles from paddywax in pretty stamped pots with bamboo lids
    light grey patterned paddywax candles available in two sizes