WXY Velvet woods & Amber Candle

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Our favourite scented Candle! not only are they cleaner, better and fairer fragrance for your home. They are 100% plant-based wax candles, paraben free fragrance oils and made in the UK. What's not to love.

  • Wood wick
  • Branded WXY cotton bag
  • 17oz Candle
  • Hand Poured In The UK
  • 100% Plant Based Wax
  • Palm And Paraben Free 

These hand poured UK made products contain no animal derived materials or parabens. Using recyclable materials wherever possible and virtually no plastics. For a great, clean burning results, 100% plant based wax, which is palm free.


WXY fragranced Velvet woods & Amber soy wax Candle
WXY Velvet woods & Amber Candle