5 Ways to Display Dried Flowers

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I've loved dried flowers for years, so am delighted to see how they are currently making a big appearance in the world of interiors. I remember going with my mum to the wholesalers to buy an array of dried flowers and baskets when I was younger. I have fond memories of watching her put together beautiful mixed dried flower bouquets. This time around the trend is for simple arrangements to give a more contemporary look. An effortless way to bring nature into your home without having to worry about caring for them with water and light! The way they are so delicately preserved celebrates their structure and architecture, making them a beautiful and interesting addition to your home. I also think they work especially well at this time of year when colours are more muted and interiors are getting cosier.
Some customers come into my shop and comment on how much they love dried flowers but aren't always sure on the best way to display them. In my store I always try and provide people with inspiration and ideas on different ways to use and display the products I sell. Below are 5 ways that I like to present them, but the possibilities are endless!
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This is probably my most obvious suggestion but please don't underestimate the impact of a few beautiful grasses and Flowers nesting in a vase! No vase wants to be empty, hidden away in a cupboard, waiting for a bunch of freshly cut flowers. Put it to good use and put some elegant dried florals in it. Try different textures, heights and structures to create either simple or elaborate displays. You can't go wrong!


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Hanging Bunches
This is a rather simple and unusual idea but can look so effective. This is where dried flowers can really come into their own as they don't need to be cared for in the same way as fresh flowers. Tie a few bunches together, using jute or twine, and hang them upside-down from a branch or pin them to the wall for a unique and rustic look. Bunches of dried herbs, such a lavender, also smell wonderful as well as looking lovely. 


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Wreaths, oh how I love wreaths! They can be as simple or as complicated and intricate as you want them to be. I often make different wreaths to hang in my shop all year round as I think they look so wonderful when they're hanging on a wall or in a window.



Just a hoop covered with eucalyptus leaves or one variety of flower, can look stunning. Then, if you're feeling adventurous you can include different types of grasses and leaves. There are many inspiring suggestions in this beautiful book "Wreaths" by Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth. 




Floral wreaths also make thoughtful and special gifts, as long as you can bear to part with them!
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Mini Posy Bouquets
Dried mini posy bouquets can look very pretty and elegant. We often make them in the shop. Placed in a mini vase, or a glass they make gorgeous little arrangements. Another way I like to use mini posies is by wrapping them up with a gift for someone. You only need to use a few sprigs of something but I feel it really adds a nice touch.

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Statement Displays
From small and delicate to large and bold! If you're feeling brave then go all out and make a big statement with your preserved flowers. Large displays can look so interesting and unique. I loved creating one for the shop but I'm yet to try something like this in my own home but watch this space! It would look amazing above the dinner table.


Image Source: Mary Lennox


We have a lovely collection of dried flowers, grasses and leaves on my online shop, along with some beautiful vases I've sourced. You can find them all together in their own collection here.



I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to display dried flowers. The most important thing is to enjoy them, experiment and have fun! Please do send me any photo's of dried displays in your home, I would really love to see them.
Victoria x

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