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I wanted to share with you some trends that I think are going to be popular for 2019 and beyond, along with some new and exciting products you will not want to miss out on!





Terracotta is going to be featuring a lot in the ceramics and the colours. I love the rustic and mediterranean feel of terracotta ceramics. The warm, earthy, colour and slightly rough texture make terracotta pieces appealing to the eye and to the touch. You can build an eclectic collection sourcing different shapes, colours and finishes and they will naturally complement each other.
Pictured are the lovely pots of 


Dried Flowers

Image Credit: Anna Potter
I was so pleased last year when dried flowers started making a real return to the world of interiors. I have always loved them, and finding interesting ways for them to be displayed, as you can read in my previous blog here. I've managed to source an interesting selection of dried flowers, leaves and grasses which look wonderful either on their own or mixed together.
Pinterest is also a brilliant source of inspiration. I've created my own Board dedicated to dried and preserved flowers.

Key Plants -
Large Statement & Hanging plants 

Photo Credit:
In the last couple of years succulents and cacti have been strong in the plant game but there are bigger things afoot! This year the focus is more on key plants around the home. My eye is always drawn to larger plants that occupy rooms. They add real vibrancy and life to a space. Whether they're standing proud in a stylish planter or hanging delicately from the ceiling, you can't help but notice them.  


There's such a variety of planters around that it makes it really fun finding the plant/planter combos that work for you and your living spaces.




Key Colours -
Beige, Coral, Terracotta & Ochre


Colour trends 2019   
Image Credit Left: Piep Co, Image credit right: Flower Bar
These colours are making a big appearance this year throughout interiors and fashion. The earthy hues are warming and comforting and oh so pleasing on the eye! I'm already accumulating my own collection comprising of scarves, cushions, planters, vases and bags.....I feel like the list is going to grow! One of the wonderful things about this colour palette is that it is so versatile and will work with virtually any interior or wardrobe. 


Lighting is making a statement and that statement is rattan! I can't get enough of the texture of these beautiful large rattan shades. There are so many interesting designs making an appearance at the moment incorporating different weaving techniques, shapes and designs.  

Ratton Shades

Here is a selection of our rattan lights available online and instore.


Women's Accessories

Women's accessories are always an easy and fun way to incorporate current trends. I've put a collection of some of my favourites above. As you can see, the colour palette I mentioned before features a lot and, I think, the different colours work so well together.
I particularly love these asymmetric earrings that are making an appearance at the moment, along with their use of different materials. There are also some beautiful bags that I have found which look so soft in these current, earthy hues.  




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