5 Ways to Care for Your Plants When Going on Holiday

how to care for your plants when on holiday 


Have you embraced the botanical vibe at home and filled it with plants, or do you just have a few statement ones? Either way, it can be a bit worrying leaving them on their own when you go on holiday in the summer months, but I have put together 5 top tips which will help your plants survive without you!


glass water globe in a plant pot 


Tip 1: The biggest problem with leaving plants on their own over the summer months is the risk of them drying out. Glass water globes are such a great invention. Simply fill the globe with water and place into the soil. As the soil dries out, the water slowly drips into it over a week. I have a few for my favourite plants, I can't really have one for each though as I have over 100 in my home!

Tip 2: Cacti & Succulents are particularly hardy plants. If you have an outdoor area then they would be happy to be left in the garden while you're away. They would love a sunny position and occasional rain. Avoid leaving them out during the winter months, though, as frost can kill them. 

Tip 3: If you're going away for a short break, say 5-7 days, I would simply water all the plants really well and leave them in a spot where they get a good amount of diffused light. 

Tip 4: Longer holidays can be quite tricky for plant horders like myself! I normally give the task to my very kind neighbour. Most plants would struggle without water for 2 weeks ( apart from cacti & succulents ) so it is best to get someone to pop in, and leave clear instructions with how to care for each plant. 

Tip 5: If you would rather not leave your plants for someone else to care for then Capillary matting is a great alternative. The matting can be purchased from most garden centres. Simply soak it in water and lay in a tray, sink or bathtub. Water your plants well and place on the damp matting, making sure the plant pots have holes at the bottom so they can soak up the water.


With a few simple care tips in place your beautiful plants should be fine without you. Whatever, you have planned for the summer, I hope you'll have a wonderful time and just make sure you give them all a big drink when you return!

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