Ampersand fine fragrance, 50ml. California scent, musk, sandalwood, magnolia, rose, apple and lemon
California Unisex Fine Fragrance 50ml
Ampersand Fragrances

California Unisex Fine Fragrance 50ml

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Sunshine radiates from this light and fruity scent. Floral mids bloom into green and citrus tones. Why we named it ‘California’… The Golden state lends its name here for one of our most popular fragrances. Its so bright, fresh and summer feeling that no other place could quite compare.

A modern blend of Citrus and subtle florals evoke memories of Californian adventures.

The type of person we think this suits… Someone that lives for sunshine - the person that perks up by 150% when the sun is out and just can’t get enough. More subtle than a full floral but not as sharp as a citrus - California balances beautifully.

Brand: Ampersand Fragrances

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