Calathea Musaica - Network

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NAME - Calathea Musaica or more commonly known as calathea Network 

Calathea Network is a stunning rare variety with large green leaves and Mosaic like markings. 

ORIGIN - Tropical Americas.

SIZE - Plant Size: H33cm. Plastic pot Size: W13cm x H12cm

LIGHT - Calathea need plenty of diffused light.  Avoid direct sunlight which cause’s the leaves to fade and lose their markings. They can tolerate some degree of shade, but the better the light conditions, the more you will be rewarded by fine foliage. 

WATER - It is very sensitive to water quality. Use distilled water, rainwater or allow your tap water to sit out overnight before using it. Keep the soil moist and don’t let it sit in water. Try sitting the pot on a layer of pebbles or gravel so the pot/roots are not sat in water. 

TEMPERATURE - Calathea network likes warm temperature between 18-26 C  and high humidity avoid cold drafts. 

SAFETY - Non-Toxic

FEED - Apply a weak dose of a house plant fertiliser  once or twice a month between April to September. 

DELIVERY - Plant orders are taken between Monday’s & Tuesday’s. so deliveries can be delivered before the weekend. This is so plants are not left in boxes over the weekend which can affect there quality. Any orders taken between Tuesday to Sunday will be dispatched on Monday.

*Please note the photograph is an example. Each plant is an individual living plant and there will be variations in size and colour.

Calathea Musaica - Network
Calathea Musaica - Network
Calathea Musaica - Network